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We are moving into our new production facility by the end of the year. Shipping will resume in January. Verwerfen

Work work work work work…

Welcome aluminium fans and lovers of stability.

Thanks to everybody who ordered over the last 1-2 months for making our christmas and new years break more stressfull but giving us an almost bursting production book. We wanted to just let you know that wo are working heavy to get all orders out as fast as we can.

Also the majority of the work on the Sim Rig line is done but we are still working on additional expansions for flight and racing rigs.

We are also working on a pedal expansion for the Flight Stand. It should be available very soon.

Just a short update from us. Back to work!

  • Danny

    Hello! Love your product, I have 2 Desks mounts and love the results. Question though, Have you ever considered adding and accessory for the desk mounts that would be an „extender“ to the bottom for Joystick extenders? Something that’s mountable to the desk but allows for the additional length and control of a Joystick extension?

    • Hi,

      we will soon be adding longer table mounts to the ship for exactly this reason. Maybe an extension is also possible. I will think about that.

      Kind regards

  • jwvanderbeck

    Everytime I see something like this I think „How Awesome!“ and then I look over at my Obutto that sits unused in the corner.

    Why does it sit unused? Because while it (and other sim rigs like you show above) are GREAT for simming, they are at best bad, or at worst useless for general day to day computing.

    I would love to finally see someone make a sim rig like this that can also be used WELL for every day computing.

    • Thanks for the comment. I will keep it in mind. We are definitely exploring a lot of different options for the Sim Rigs in the near future.