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A place for MFDs and Tablets

A “real” cockpit needs more than just a stick and throttle. Most times you can not have enough buttons and secondary screens for the best experience. Here comes the ultimate solution in sophisticated high-tech simulation equipment: THE MONSTERTECH MFD AND TABLET MOUNTS. Available in stealthy black and shiny silver.

The mounts come with attachment holes for Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs and self-adhesive 3M-pads for secure tablet attachment. The mounts will stay safe even in high-g maneuvers!

Insane double MFD setup for maximum control!

Production Update April 2017:

We also have very handy clamp spacers to help table mounts attach to some weirder tables. 3D printed in house!

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Shifter / Handbrake Table Mount

For the longest time we wanted to make table mounts for racing equipment and now we finally started that project.

The first part is the table mounts for shifters and handbrakes. Thrustmaster was kind enough to support us with an early model of the TSS Sparco Mod Handbrake and Shifter, which was super helpful in getting it done in time.

At the moment we are supporting the following systems:

  • Fanatec ClubSport Shifter
  • Heusinkveld Sim Shifter
  • Logitech G25/G27/G29/DF Shifter
  • Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter
  • Thrustmaster TSS Handbrake/Shifter

The next planned part will be a table mount option for wheels but we are still in the planning phase for that.

Hope you like it!

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A new product line

After months of work we are finally happy to announce that we launched our new product line last week: The MONSTERTECH Chair Mounts.

Since we started making Sim Rigs and Table Mounts we were contacted if we couldn’t make mounts for an office chair. It is a natural place for a joystick and HOTAS system but the problem was: ‘How to make mounts that are compatible with more than one chair’? Well it took us quite some time but we finally found a way to solve our problem.

We realized that many of the current gaming/office chairs seats and armrests are actually quite similar and allow us to support a lot of different chair brands with only some variations to our attachment system.

Actually we are switching out only one part on the armrest base and exchange it for our specialized piece. This gives us a sturdy and stable attachment point for the profiles we use for our mounts.

Currently we are supporting three brands of gaming chairs:

  • DXRacer
  • Maxnomic
  • Secretlab

Our goal is to support as many chair brands as possible. On the horizon are Noblechairs, Vertagear and even possibly IKEA. But many more are possible. If you would like to help us finding out which brands we can support, check this thread in the MONSTER FOUNDRY.

Here are a few pictures with a Maxnomic chair and a T16000FCS setup. Of course they are also available for every other joystick and throttle.

Maxnomic Classic OFC with two MONSTERTECH Chairs Mounts and a Thrustmaster T16000FCS HOTAS setup.

As with our other products we have specialized mounting plates for almost all joysticks and throttles on the market.

The Chair Mounts are seamlessly adjustable in height, width and distance from the armrests.

Here is a video with a talking weirdo.

Hope you like ’em.


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Happy Monstertech 2018

Happy new year everybody. We are finally back in full force and we will be doing our best to make 2018 the most fun and exciting year for MONSTERTECH ever.

Right now we are moving into our new and very own production facility in Hannover. This will allow us to improve our production and output heavily. The times of delays are hopefully over soon.

We will also push hard on videos and projects this year.

The plan is also to update our Sim Rig line, beginning with a full customized Star Citizen Sim Rig build series at the end of January. But that is of course not all, we have a completely new product in the pipeline that is almost ready. Very excited to see if you guys like that one.

We also have been working on getting our products to our customers easier and cheaper. We will start with North America of course. I can not say to much about this yet but if this works out it will be really awesome.

Sorry for being so absent last year but that gave us a lot of time to prepare for a crazy exciting 2018.

Happy building

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Longer Table Mounts

Over the last few months we got some questions about possibly making longer table mounts. Especially people wanted to use the mounts with long extensions for the Warthog and Gunfighter Joystick. Of course we made custom length mounts so far on demand, but we wanted to make them available for everybody.

With the help of the great Sim community we assembled a few prototypes and found a good length that should fit most situations. The maximum vertical adjustability is now 38cm from the top of the table. This should fit well with all extensions for the Warthog or Gunfighter and get the perfect grip placement.

Let us know if you have any more ideas how to make the mounts even better, we are thankful for any kind of input.

Here is the link to the long version: MONSTERTECH Joystick/HOTAS Table Mount (Long Version)


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I said tomorrow!!!111!

We have heard you. Shipping transit time sucks!

So good news for everybody in North America. If you live in Canada, Mexico or the United States new table mount orders from now on will automatically get delivered with DHL Express International. That means instead of taking weeks the package will be at your door in a matter of days.

Well we will of course still have delays, (you guys order to much…!) but the transit time from when the package leaves our underground headquarters will only take days. Also there are some other free perks connected with that like parking the order if you are away from home, rerouting the package or planning a specific delivery date.

We were able to strike a really good deal with DHL Express and we can now get the same price as we got before for much slower shipping.

Hope you will enjoy this.


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Work work work work work…

Welcome aluminium fans and lovers of stability.

Thanks to everybody who ordered over the last 1-2 months for making our christmas and new years break more stressfull but giving us an almost bursting production book. We wanted to just let you know that wo are working heavy to get all orders out as fast as we can.

Also the majority of the work on the Sim Rig line is done but we are still working on additional expansions for flight and racing rigs.

We are also working on a pedal expansion for the Flight Stand. It should be available very soon.

Just a short update from us. Back to work!

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Sim Rig line almost done

We have been working hard the last few month to update the entire Sim Rig line. Our goal was to make it easy for users to build their own dream rig. Base/Wheel/Shifter or Base/HOTAS/TV, whatever you want is possible. I think our hard work paid off so far and we made some very cool improvements. But we are not done yet, a few pieces are still missing and we have some products under construction.

Also we are not just Marc and Olsen anymore, since the start of november our friend Alex helps us out with the production. Welcome!

That was desperately needed to cope with the increase in orders this year. Thanks to everybody by the way!

If you have some ideas or whishes how to improve the Sim Rigs even more, let us know down in the comments.

Here a quick look at all the new pieces from the Sim Rig line:

Sim Rig Base Framemonster_tech_sim_rig_base_1

Wheel and Shifter Expansionsmonster_tech_sim_rig_shifter_3

HOTAS Expansionflight_seat_render_3

Center Joystick Expansionmonster_tech_sim_rig_center_2

Single TV-Mount – now standing on its ownmonster_tech_sim_rig_tv_single_4

WIP – Handbrake Expansionmonster_tech_sim_rig_handbrake_1

We wish everybody a “guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr”.


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WIP Sim Rig Line Update

For the last few month we have been working on a complete upgrade of the sim rig line. It’s not ready yet, just to make that clear. Don’t write me a ton of emails. 😉

Our goal is to make the process of ordering a complex sim rig easy and fun. We are planning to offer a building set, where you can just select the parts that you would like to have on your rig. Everything is compatible with each other and can be added or expanded whenever you like.

The planned building blocks or components are:
– Sim Rig base (seat mount, pedal mount)

– Racing extension (wheel, standard shifter)
– Rally shifter
– Handbrake

– Flight extension (HOTAS, armrests)
– Center joystick extension

– Keyboard swivel extension
– TV-mount extension single
– TV-mount extension triple

We are still working on the images for every item but we are making good progress. Here are a few examples fresh out of 3D program. (still work in progress and subject to change)

Flight Seat test render 1

Flight Seat test render 2

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Crazy times on the workbench

Marc and Olsen, most famous for producing some weird joystick constraption, have not been seen in the last few months. If you happend to run into two beardy and slightly overweight men in their late fourties with aluminium scrap all over their hair please contact your local HOTAS dealer.

Well the rumours of our demise have been exagerrated, we just didn’t get out of the workshop for the last half a year. The amount of orders we received since the beginning of the year is hitting us hard where the sun don’t shines.

Okay kidding aside, we have been producing table mounts in all variations non stop for the last 8 months. A few weeks ago we finally finished the last missing mounting plate (hello Logitech G940), now we just have to make sure we have everything in stock all the time, which proofs more difficult than it sounds. We constantly have hundreds of mounting plates in order with our watercutting and anodizing partners but if even one piece of the chain has a delay, everything is delayed. I guess welcome to the business world… “Hey Marc, we need our own watercutting machine!!!11”.

We are also working on a revamp of our Sim Rig line for the last 2 months. We finished the design for a new Flight Seat / Racing Seat combo. We are almost ready to launch, but I have to finish the last renders so we have pictures on the page! I am slowly getting used to SolidWorks, the renders getting really pretty but still a lot to learn.

And we launched the Stand on the website, a little mix between table mount and sim rig, but maybe very useful for some people, I love it. We should be ready to ship the first few orders very soon.

Both me and Marc are super happy how everything progresses and we are having a lot of fun making and improving all our products. Sometimes it’s a lot of work and quite stressfull but hey that’s life I guess.

See you soon!