Build your own Sim Rig

The customizer to build your own Sim Rig.

It does not matter if Racing, Flight or both at the same time is the focus of your rig, our components are made to work together as much as possible.

Just try it out!

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Delivery time for full MTX Sim Rigs 3-4 weeks.


The frame is hand made out of industrial grade anodized aluminium system extrusions. As fasteners we are using drilled universal connectors to provide increased stability compared to angle brackets. 100% Made in Germany.


Due to the construction, the frame is seamlessly adjustable at each connection point of two extrusions. The dimensions of the rig are designed to allow taller and shorter users.

For assembly and setup a hex key set with ball head is required. (not included)


The construction time may take up to 15 business days.


We always try to improve our construction, the finished product can be slightly different to the videos and images.

On some pictures accessories like controllers and seats are shown that are not part of the standard shipment. Their purpose is to display a full configuration.



  • Is the above shown car seat included in the shipment?

    No, but almost every new or used car seat can be installed to the rig. Using a car seat base is recommended. Attachment materials are included

  • Can other than the listed pedals systems by used?

    The pedal mount is very adjustable, almost every racing or flight pedal system should be compatible.

  • Will VAT (Value-added tax) be added to orders from outside the EU?

    19% VAT will be added when the shipping adress is located inside the EU.