Joystick Pitch Adapter

Changes the pitch of the joystick.


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Most gaming joysticks are ergonomically made to sit on desk height instead of seat height like in real planes.

To get a more comfortable and authentic grip position on seat height the joystick has to be tilted to the front.

The pitch angle of the adapter is 6°. Because we 3D print the parts in house we can make a variety of angles possible (4/6/8/10/12). Please let us know in the order notice if you want a different angle to the standard 6°.


The adapter is backwards compatible with all MONSTERTECH products.


  • 1x Joystick Pitch Adapter

Joystick or throttle systems are not included, they are only shown for demonstration purposes.


  • Is the Pitch Adapter backward compatible?

    Yes, the adapter can be used with all old and new MONSTERTECH products.

  • Will VAT (Value-added tax) be added to orders from outside the EU?

    19% VAT will only be added when the shipping address is located inside the European Union.



We always try to improve our construction, the finished product can be slightly different to the videos and images.