Joystick / HOTAS Table Mount (Long Version)

Longer version of the Joystick/HOTAS Desk Mount for use with joysticks and extensions.

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The longer version of the MONSTERTECH Joystick/HOTAS Table Mount for optimal usage with joysticks and extensions. The only difference to the standard Table Mount is the length of the aluminium profiles.

Maximum vertical adjustability: 38cm

All information for the standard Joystick/HOTAS Table Mount

If you do not want to use joysticks with an extension and just want to utilize the longer vertical adjustability of the long versions, we recommend using standard 7cm Profiles for Mounting Plates.


  • 1x aluminium table mount incl. a 12cm profile for mounting plate attachment
  • 1x aluminium mounting plate
  • screws/nuts or velcro pads to attach the joystick or throttle (depends on the system)

For assembly and seamless height adjustment a hex key set with ball head is required. (not included).

Joystick and throttle systems are not included, they are only shown for demonstration purposes.


The construction time may take up to 15 business days.

Developed with support from the sim community

Thanks to everybody who provided ideas, tests and critique to make this project possible!

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  • Are two table mounts required for a HOTAS setup?

    Yes, you will need two mounts for a joystick/throttle or dual joystick system.

  • I changed my HOTAS/Joystick setup, what to do?

    The mounting plates are easily removable and can be changed out to a different system. Replacement mounting plates are available separately.

  • Are Warthog joystick extensions compatible?

    All lengths of Warthog joystick extensions can be used without a problem.

  • Do I get tracking info for my order?

    You will receive a tracking email for your package shortly after it ships out. (Usually directly from DHL or DHL Express)

  • Will VAT (Value-added tax) be added to orders from outside the EU?

    19% VAT will only be added when the shipping address is located inside the European Union.


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We always try to improve our construction, the finished product can be slightly different to the videos and images. Through the manual production and storage, the aluminium can get some scratch marks.