15. Mai 2018

My dream when founding MONSTERTECH was of course to build a successful company with great products but one that was also fun to work for and most important a company that was fun and interesting for the customer. I think we managed well so far. We are proud of our work and products, we enjoy […]

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A place for MFDs and Tablets

25. April 2018

A „real“ cockpit needs more than just a stick and throttle. Most times you can not have enough buttons and secondary screens for the best experience. Here comes the ultimate solution in sophisticated high-tech simulation equipment: THE MONSTERTECH MFD AND TABLET MOUNTS. Available in stealthy black and shiny silver. The mounts come with attachment holes […]

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Shifter / Handbrake Table Mount

24. April 2018

For the longest time we wanted to make table mounts for racing equipment and now we finally started that project. The first part is the table mounts for shifters and handbrakes. Thrustmaster was kind enough to support us with an early model of the TSS Sparco Mod Handbrake and Shifter, which was super helpful in […]

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A new product line

20. März 2018

After months of work we are finally happy to announce that we launched our new product line last week: The MONSTERTECH Chair Mounts. Since we started making Sim Rigs and Table Mounts we were contacted if we couldn’t make mounts for an office chair. It is a natural place for a joystick and HOTAS system […]

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Happy Monstertech 2018

1. Januar 2018

Happy new year everybody. We are finally back in full force and we will be doing our best to make 2018 the most fun and exciting year for MONSTERTECH ever. Right now we are moving into our new and very own production facility in Hannover. This will allow us to improve our production and output […]

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Longer Table Mounts

6. Oktober 2017

Over the last few months we got some questions about possibly making longer table mounts. Especially people wanted to use the mounts with long extensions for the Warthog and Gunfighter Joystick. Of course we made custom length mounts so far on demand, but we wanted to make them available for everybody. With the help of […]

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I said tomorrow!!!111!

10. April 2017

We have heard you. Shipping transit time sucks! So good news for everybody in North America. If you live in Canada, Mexico or the United States new table mount orders from now on will automatically get delivered with DHL Express International. That means instead of taking weeks the package will be at your door in […]

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Work work work work work…

30. Januar 2017

Welcome aluminium fans and lovers of stability. Thanks to everybody who ordered over the last 1-2 months for making our christmas and new years break more stressfull but giving us an almost bursting production book. We wanted to just let you know that wo are working heavy to get all orders out as fast as […]

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Sim Rig line almost done

11. Dezember 2016

We have been working hard the last few month to update the entire Sim Rig line. Our goal was to make it easy for users to build their own dream rig. Base/Wheel/Shifter or Base/HOTAS/TV, whatever you want is possible. I think our hard work paid off so far and we made some very cool improvements. […]

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WIP Sim Rig Line Update

8. September 2016

For the last few month we have been working on a complete upgrade of the sim rig line. It’s not ready yet, just to make that clear. Don’t write me a ton of emails. 😉 Our goal is to make the process of ordering a complex sim rig easy and fun. We are planning to […]

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